DWTS Week 6 Review, Spring Break Night

We are now over halfway through the competition of Dancing with the Stars and it is time for the group dances. This is the first time the contestants have to prepare for two dances for one week, and I think it will really test who is able to continue past this point or not. The teams have been divided into two groups of four couples and are as follows: https://twitter.com/DancingABC/status/590145400285372418 https://twitter.com/DancingABC/status/589957408316882944

There is a double elimination next week, as well as the return of the live shows. Just kidding. Somebody changed their mind lol.

There was no opening number this week, so on to the dances:
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Private #7 – Paso Doble & Samba Review

It has been another 5 days since my last lesson.  I always worry that I forgot everything I learned.  I think it is because I end up not practicing at home far more than I end up actually practicing.

We started with paso doble.  Last time, we only completed two counts of eight.  Last night we finished the routine with the remaining three parts.  Since my last lesson, my toes seemed to have gotten stronger and I wasn’t as wobbly as last time.

Turning my feet out seem to be a constant battle.  I think I am slowly winning because I am catching myself standing at the store, work, home, etc with my feet turned out!  Yes!

I really like the paso routine, once C got it straight.  He has a few parts switched and changed it a couple times as we were reviewing.  I decided to just follow him, except when I knew some parts were different and I reminded him he skipped something lol.  Learning paso and dancing to music will take some time to getting used to.  In my mind it’s slower and more intense, but in reality it is much faster!  This will be one thing I should practice at home  for my lesson tomorrow.

The last few minutes we spent reviewing the samba routine.  I got most of it right, but we’ll spend next lesson tomorrow reviewing.  I can use some practice with the body movements.

I use the website BallroomDancers.com to review my steps (or cram before a lesson).  So far, it has been pretty helpful when I can’t remember what something looks like.

Contemplating getting practice shoes, or to at least have a pair for class and a pair to perform in.  I’d love to save up for these Ray Rose shoes (Snow Flake, Carmen, Practice) because I’ve heard they’re amazing.  Any other recommendations?

And because I like to end my lesson posts with a video or two, here is one of my favorite paso performances from Dancing with the Stars is this “50s-Style” paso doble from Derek Hough with his celebrity partner Nicole Scherzinger. I love how they both got into character with the routine:

DWTS Countdown – 28 Days! – Spotlight On Valentin Chmerkovskiy

With the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars coming up soon (some, like myself, would say not soon enough), I’ve decided to do little spotlight posts on each of the members of the cast. Sure you can always look everyone up on our favorite user-edited web encyclopedia, but they don’t include as many videos and photos like I will 🙂

I will be featuring the professional dancers first, in the order that they were announced last week on Good Morning America, starting with:

Name: Valentin “Val” Chmerkovskiy

Known for: being Maks’ younger brother, playing violin, allergic to wearing shirts/”sweating profusely” (his words)

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Private #4 – All About That Cha Cha

This week was jam-packed with something every day after work, I completely forgot to post about this private!

The lesson mainly focused on the spotlight performance we were set to do on Thursday (another post on that soon [as in as soon as I post this, I’m going to write up that one]). I had the choreography for the most part. I was either tired or thinking too hard, and that is when I would mess up. That’s how it usually works out, isn’t it?

So we worked up a pretty good sweat. I started to get a little frustrated with myself because C started to get a bit more particular with technique and my brain just wasn’t working. On the drive home, I decided to just have fun with the performance. I love the dance, I love the song (“Uptown Funk”!), so there was no need to mess up this experience of my first performance by making it bigger than it actually is.

I practiced a little bit more at home that night and took a deep breath 🙂

Private #2 – Cha Cha & More Rumba

Today’s post will not be as long or detailed as the other posts. I started to get a sore throat Thursday (the day of this private lesson) and it got worse that night and even worse Friday. I spent pretty much all of today in bed taking medicine, sleeping and drinking soup while watching The Mindy Project in between. I haven’t been this mentally and physically drained due to illness in a very very long time.

My brain was a little foggy that night, but I was able to focus and complete the lesson. It was pretty productive. We reviewed a bit of the cha cha routine, concentrating on technique. A majority of the lesson focused on the rumba.

C led me through what rumba we went over the last lesson, then continued on. I was able to follow most of it successfully and at the end he said, “and you’ve just learned the whole bronze routine.” Very cool! I felt pretty accomplished, but I knew there was a lot of work to be done with my technique. I realized the one thing holding be back with cha cha and rumba is that I don’t lead my body with my upper body, I lead with my legs with the rest of my weight a little behind. Maybe it’s a reflection of my living in flat shoes, maybe it’s a reflection of my “go with the flow” personality? I’m not quite sure.

At the end of the lesson, C let me record him doing my part of both choreographies so I can practice at home, as well as a couple drills for me to do. Being sick, I haven’t even looked at any of those videos. I’m hoping with my excessive amount of sleep today and more sleep to come tonight, I’ll be well-rested enough to enjoy at least one day of my weekend and practice before my next lesson on Monday.

My study material: