Private #2 – International Rumba & Body Movements; Jive Workout

Last night was my second private lesson at the new studio.  We spent the time mostly going over feet, leg, hip and core movements while doing rumba.  This was another tough one, for all the reasons of my last private lesson, but also because of the amount of control that it takes.  Rumba is slow and beautiful, but you have that much more time to be really detailed and specific in your movements.

The rumba walk alone is soooo beautiful when done correctly. I have the ability to do the movements, it’s just a matter of drilling and doing the movements over and over and being comfortable with it.

I didn’t feel super comfortable doing everything. Not because I was insecure or anything, but because I didn’t feel stable in my shoes. They are a little big on me and I felt wobbly and my balance felt off. I had a hard time adjusting. I’m looking forward to getting my new shoes (being delivered today!!!) and breaking them in by doing the drills he’s given me.

I have to work on balance, elongating myself, turning out my feet, and settling in my hips with each step.

Kind of excited to do my homework 🙂

After my private, I attended the group jive workout class. It was taught by my instructor. He really broke down the basics, and we had kick drills. I’m excited to review those at home too. I didn’t sweat as much with this class as I did at last week’s, but it was still a lot of fun and helpful for me to see what I have to work on (balance and turnout!).

Private #1 – International Cha-Cha Feet & Hips

So today was my first private class (after the free introductory private) at the studio. I came in very excited and kind of anxious to learn. My instructor likes to work from the feet up, so since International Latin is new to me (I previously danced the Latin American styles) I was ready to take in as much as I could.

I received positive comments at the end of the free private, so I knew everything was going to be more fine-tuning than going over the basics.

– Feet – I never had to turn out my feet before. He mentioned this at the end of the free private, so I looked it up to find out the “why”. Turning out your feet while keeping your knees straight gives you more hip movement. This is something I would get but then lose it, so I know this is something I have to work on.
– Hips – I have hip movement, now it’s just more opening up my hips and doing the more Cuban movement. It’s kind of like moving your hips in a figure 8 (in my mind), and there is a certain timing to it. More homework.
– Ribs – This is a tough one too. The ribs have to move opposite of your hips in the same kind of movement, I also have to work on elongating my midsection (instructor cracked up when I said, “but I’m only 5’4″!”)

We put these elements into practice doing a bit of International Rumba as well. Rumba is beautiful, but tough because it is so slow and you really have to control yourself.

All in all, it was a very good first class. My intro package includes 4 30-minute private sessions, 5 group classes and admission to one practice party. At the rate things are going, I can see myself using these classes in about 3 weeks.

My instructor described International Cha-Cha as being faster than American Cha-Cha and all about intensity. This video perfectly illustrates that:

And the most amazing rib/hip movement I’ve ever seen (so far):