DWTS Season 20 – Week 1 (Season Premiere!) Review & Videos!

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I have been writing reviews of the Dancing with the Stars for a couple seasons now, but only between myself and a friend of mine. Here on the blog, I will try to be unbiased (although I have my favorites) and include some technical things and emotional things of each performance.  The costumes will be in a later post 😉

Opening Number – I liked the way they introduced the celebs and some of their partners, very tech/2015. The actual dancing was great, but it didn’t feel as big of a production as other opening numbers (like last season’s). I think the dancing section was shorter and the opening credits was very long… Because I’m anal, I had to check: “warehouse” intro was 1:57, ballroom dancing was 0:22.

The judges are back, and I LOVED Julianne’s dress!
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On to the dances …

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DWTS – Professional Dancers Revealed! – 31 Days!

I was glued to my television starting at 8:00am yesterday morning to catch the big Dancing with the Stars announcement of the professional dancers for season 20 on Good Morning America!

In the studio were the first four professional dancers to help announce the others: Valentin Chmerkovskiy, Kym Johnson (back after being away for two seasons), Artem Chigvintsev and Sharna Burgess!

After a quick chat, they announced the other six dancers: Witney Carson, Tony Dovolani, Peta Murgatroyd, Emma Slater, Mark Ballas and Allison Holker!

They spoke with everyone else a bit more and an interesting thing about this upcoming season is that they will be streaming footage live from the cast’s rehearsals! They do not know when the cameras will be on or off! It could be interesting and it could be not-so-interesting. I don’t know if the general public really knows what goes on in rehearsals. It’s about 5% funny stuff and 95% repetition/learning/frustration. My percentages could be a bit off though haha.

I thought it was odd that there are only ten pros, 4 guys and 6 girls. It seemed a bit weird, then I saw this:

I’m going to make a guess and say it’s Keo and Louis (who initially announced the announcement last week). The celebrity cast will be announced on GMA Tuesday, February 24!

Group Class – Tango at Another Studio *gasp*

Tonight I went to another dance studio for a free international tango lesson.

Another dance studio. So funny how it’s like rooting for the rival team or something. Dance studio loyalty (or school, team, brand) loyalty is so interesting to me. When I social danced, I took class with only one studio. Of course I have friends who went to other studios, but when people asked if I went to the other studio, I’d feel (for the lack of a better word) “offended” because how dare they think I go there, don’t they know my studio is better? It’s so silly, but it’s true.

I’m over that now. I went to another studio because they were offering tango for free this week, welcoming a new instructor there. There are some differences between American tango (what I learned before) and international, but I was able to catch on and remember the dance I hadn’t done in 3 months.

In normal group class style, there were more women than men. 8 women versus 2 men, including the instructor. We learned a simple combination of a couple walks, outside right turn, rock turn, ending with a corte.  It was fun to go, but I’m not 100% sure whether I will return for another group class.   Maybe it was the leader/follower ratio, maybe it was the way I didn’t feel welcomed.  We shall see!

Private #3 – Cha Cha & Rumba Review/Styling, More Samba and A Couple Revelations

Today’s post will be short. Not sure why, maybe because the lesson was mostly review…

I felt so much better for last night’s lesson in comparison to Thursday night’s lesson.  I got to about 85% recovery yesterday, and with the exception of being a little congested and a stuffy/runny nose, I’d say I’m at about 90% today.  This up and down weather in Florida kicks my butt every year!

We went over the same cha cha and rumba choreography as last week, adding some fun styling into the routine. Trying to add some sass and maintain the technique we were working on is some tough work!

Our instructor/student relationship is developing as well. I’m apparently pretty witty and had him cracking up at a few times and we even have a “thing” now.

A few lessons ago, we had an intro to samba, now he started to dive more into technique. The hip action doesn’t feel as natural to me just yet when broken down, but when in motion it makes more sense.

Revelation #1 – My toes hurt! Yesterday’s lesson was the first time I didn’t wear socks with my dance heels. They are new shoes and I wear socks to help break them in (and I don’t want to make the shoes too sweaty). I didn’t realize how constraining socks were. I felt more grounded, more of a connection with the floor. I woke up today with just my toes sore. It’s pretty interesting.

Revelation #2 – I’ve always known dancing is not an inexpensive hobby to have, especially if you plan on investing time and doing performances and competitions, which is my intent. I have come to the conclusion that I am willing to getting a part time job. A couple nights a week after work and maybe a shift on the weekend. I hope I will find something soon!