DWTS Week 10 Review, Finale Night 2!

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It has been over a week since the winners of Dancing with the Stars‘ season 20 were announced.  I did really well posting about the first night of the finale, but what the heck happened to me since then?  Two words: new job 🙂  While I am happy about that, I wish I could have put together my review sooner.  I have a couple more results shows to review and even more weeks of costume posts … better late than never, right?

The night was full of reminiscing on past performances, performances from special guests, and the finalists performing their 24-hour fusion routines (they were just assigned what dances they were to do after show the night before).

And now for the dances …
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DWTS Season 20 – Top Costumes of Week 6, Spring Break Night!

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Week 6 of Dancing with the Stars was Spring Break Night! An interesting theme choice, and I really didn’t know what to expect besides beach themes. Honestly, not very many of the costumes that night stuck out much to me. This was the first week of group routines and I thought those were fun, but the individual couples’ costumes weren’t all that exciting to me. Here are my picks for the top costumes of that night:

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DWTS Week 7 Review, Eras Night

I am sooooo far behind on blog posts! For that, I apologize!  I was out of town visiting my mom for her birthday and things just get busy when you return from being out of town. Tonight is another show, so I really really should get this posted. I’ll worry about the costume posts later I guess 🙂

The opening number was glamorous and elegant, reminiscent of Old Hollywood. I liked how they brought out the competing partners with no announcement of who’s who.

Now for the dances:
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DWTS Week 6 Review, Spring Break Night

We are now over halfway through the competition of Dancing with the Stars and it is time for the group dances. This is the first time the contestants have to prepare for two dances for one week, and I think it will really test who is able to continue past this point or not. The teams have been divided into two groups of four couples and are as follows: https://twitter.com/DancingABC/status/590145400285372418 https://twitter.com/DancingABC/status/589957408316882944

There is a double elimination next week, as well as the return of the live shows. Just kidding. Somebody changed their mind lol.

There was no opening number this week, so on to the dances:
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