Dancing with the Stars Season 23, Week 1 – Season Premiere!

I am so excited! Summer has been so busy for some reason, you may have noticed I completely disappeared! Now that Dancing with the Stars is back, I am back! I have been at least been brainstorming different things for this blog, so there are new things to come!

The opening number was so different and like nothing I’ve ever seen before! The camerawork alone was incredible (was all of that really done with a single shot?!) and the choreography was wonderful.

I love Tom Bergeron. I don’t think there is a better host than Tom. I enjoy Erin as co-host and it’s nice to see Julianne back at thw judging table (I appreciate her notes on technique).

To the dances!

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DWTS Season 23 Cast Announced!

I’m back! I hope you all had a lovely summer, I have been busier than normal.

Today was a big announcement day in the Dancing with the Stars world: The season 23 cast was announced!

Unlike cast announcements in the past, it wasn’t a large production on Good Morning America. I’m not sure why, but it felt a little “off”. Here are the videos from this morning:

Here’s a nice clip from Entertainment Tonight, giving us a visual of all of the couples:

Here are the GMA tweets from this morning:

Season 23 Surprises (for me):
– The Return of Some Pros: I think these returns were the biggest surprise for me. First, it was Gleb’s return announced. It seemed like it was the next day that Maks was announced (a fantastic surprise)! Yesterday (or the day before), Derek was confirmed. And this morning, Cheryl! Oh, Allison and Emma are also back after a single-season break.
– The “Time Off” of Some Pros: I will miss seeing Tony, Keo, and Mark 😦 And Peta is very pregnant, so her absence is understandable. Kym Johnson also announced that she’s basically done with the show.
– Ryan Lochte: With making news headlines recently, I’m kind of surprised he came on the show. I have seen people comment that they are not going to watch the show because of him. I disagree with that “logic” (perhaps because I watch the show for the dancing and not the celebrities) … just don’t vote for him.
– Terra Jolé: I actually watch her show (very entertaining) and I was surprised and happy to finally see a little person on the show.

DWTS Season 22 Most Memorable Year Recap, Week 3

This week on Dancing with the Stars, the theme is Most Memorable Year. In the past, we usually see very emotional performances dedicated to family or pivotal moments in a celebrity’s career. I don’t think tonight will be any different.

DWTS posted previews on their Instagram of the celebs’ memorable moments.

There was no opening number this week, just an intro of the cast.

To the dancing…
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