Valentine’s Social – My Spotlight Performance!

Thursday, February 12 was the studio’s Valentine’s social. In all of the other days when I knew I had a performance (PTA meeting in school, salsa performances in college and one at a studio after college), I would be a ball of anxiety all day. I was surprisingly calm and actually excited about the performance. That was definitely a first! Maybe it was my relinquishing all control of what happens and choosing to enjoy it instead the night before? Could be. It was a great way to go about my day.

I felt a little bummed because I didn’t think anyone would be able to come see my performance … until I chatted online with my oh-so reliable, supportive and amazing sister! She lives about an hour and a half away in Tampa. I was chatting with her as usual, we start talking about the performance. She asks me what time it starts, I tell her 8pm and I’m expected to go on at about 9pm.

“I think I can make it.”


So we planned on meeting at my place and then we head to the studio together. Well, with rush hour traffic, that plan was nixed.

We walked in the studio and it was decorated really cute (a little cheesy, but aren’t all Valentine’s decorations cheesy?), with a table full of food and drinks. I started to get a tad nervous there, but C and I social danced for a little bit, going over the choreography. I danced with another instructor, then the first set of performances began. Another studio joined us and some of their students performed. It was really nice to see all the different levels of students. Some were nervous, some came there to have fun. There were a couple where you could really see they loved to dance. I hope I came across that way.

A little more social dancing, then my performance! We shared “Uptown Funk” with some other couples, who were also doing cha cha. There were two other couples, male students with their female instructors. They did a bit of choreo together and C and I were “tagged in” do to our part. I’m pretty sure I smiled the whole time. I messed up a couple times, but I kept going with it. C said I did a great job. Of course he knew I messed up, but he said the great part about it was that I kept going and didn’t let that stop me. Awesome!

I have video, but I’m a little wary about posting it, to be honest. Watching the video, I am pretty critical of myself (naturally). Maybe I’ll post it later, maybe later as a “before and after”/”look where I started” kind of thing.

Overall, it was a really great experience to have, especially as my first time performing. I’m actually looking forward to more opportunities in the future, and they’ll actually come sooner than later 🙂

And now I leave you with a bit of “Uptown Funk”: